Graduate Prospects

Career after Graduation

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor's Program in Interdisciplinary Engineering (IDE), students have several options, including the opportunity to further advance their studies at the graduate level.  At the University of Tsukuba, they can choose to enroll in a two-year master's program, followed by a three-year doctoral program, offered by either the Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences or the Graduate School of System and Information Engineering.

Adhering to the foundational principles of the University of Tsukuba, the institution actively fosters individuals who embody qualities such as internationality, future vision, and problem-solving abilities. IDE graduates, in particular, are expected to demonstrate remarkable ambition and progressive attributes owing to their education in diverse fields. Consequently, those who opt to pursue personal career paths immediately after completing the Interdisciplinary Engineering Program will be highly sought after across a wide spectrum of sectors, encompassing academia, industry, as well as the public and private sectors.